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Autograph: A Dubai Style Luxury High Rise Building

Autograph By H&S

Dubai is famous for its megastructures and high-rise apartments. When we think of the country, what comes to mind is the highest tower in the world. But Pakistani construction style is quite the opposite, however, having a building based on the same model would definitely be a novelty. This would be the case with Autograph when it comes to its structure and architecture. Standing tall at a height of 286 feet, it will become a future landmark of Lahore.

High Rise Structure:
Like any high-rise building, it will be constructed out of concrete blocks and sheer walls. Its structure shall contain vertical columns and mechanical high-speed lifts up to seven in number. Moreover, it will also have a grand lobby where the high ceilings will give you a feeling of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Especially the presence of open ventilation with natural light and air entering the building.

Green and Community Areas:
The Place will have a great extent of privacy although being a community residential building. And it will also have green areas, unlike other apartment buildings. This will give the building a greener look to seem like a natural habitat. The arrangement of natural light, ventilation, and green spaces will create a very healthy atmosphere within the building. Just like any other building design followed since the Indus valley civilization, Autograph near DHA 5 Lahore will also have community areas. These areas will include a themed café, swimming pool, salon, steam and sauna, library, conference room, and masjid. The building will have its valet parking too.

Luxury Apartments:
The apartments will have varying levels of luxury and sophistication. These include the Premium suites that will have a total area of 650 to 690 sq/ft. The apartments will consist of a kitchen, balcony, bathroom, and lounge. The second level of luxury apartments are the platinum suites having more than 1200 to 1450 sq/ft of area. These apartments will showcase attached bathrooms, kitchen, powder room, lounge, and a balcony. These apartments are deemed perfect for small families. The highest luxury level apartments are the royal suites which consist of 2185 to 2906 sq/ft area. They have a dining room, bathroom, kitchen, maid room, powder room, and balcony. These spacious luxury apartments are the most exquisite offer in Autograph. However, if you have ever wanted to live in the penthouses at Lahore then Autograph has got its sky mansions for you. The duplex sky mansions will have 4 bedrooms, a posh dining space, a balcony, and a spacious kitchen. While the sky mansions have got 5 bedrooms and a grand private balcony.

Autograph is a luxurious high-rise building that is going to be constructed on the luxury styles of Dubai. It will be a 21-story building that will have a landmark significance. It will stand at 286 feet offering 357 luxury apartments. Besides having a modern structure the building will have open corridors and ventilation along with high ceilings giving it a Gothic and Renaissance look from the inside. Besides the luxurious apartments and sky mansions Autograph will also have green spaces and community spaces for enhancing the community living experience.

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