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PentHouse in Lahore

What Is A Penthouse?

Penthouse is a uniquely constructed apartment on the top floor of the sky-rise buildings. Ideally, penthouses are more luxurious compared to other apartments. They cover the rooftop with an attraction-like terrace. Not only that, penthouses have an interesting history. The concept of penthouses gained attention with the increased demand for urban living during the 1920s. The developer in New York wanted to make the best use of the available space on the rooftops. Therefore, they decided to build luxury apartments there. One of the first penthouses was Constructed at 1040 Park Avenue in New York City, Conde Nast’s Duplex. Initially, the penthouses were used for lavish parties and gatherings. Soon the concept inspired the whole world, and now it is considered essential for luxurious sky-rise builders.

Penthouse in Pakistan
Pakistan is highly populated, with approximately 220.9 million people. Real estate developers look for more innovative solutions to address the housing issues. As a result, more investment was directed towards high-rise buildings during the last decades, particularly in Karachi and Lahore. Gradually it became essential in the high-end luxurious apartment projects.
The penthouse is high in demand but is difficult to find and is expensive as they are few. So is it worth it? The article will emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of having a penthouse to make well-analyzed and calculated decisions.

Advantages of penthouse

Outdoor space and relaxing views
Penthouses have ample ventilation, light ventilation, and outdoor spaces. Mostly the penthouses promised unobstructed captivating views. Therefore, living in the penthouse is more comfortable and relaxing. Autograph’s Sky Mansion has a spacious 5 Bedroom extended to 5928.32 sq ft with three stories, and state-of-the-art luxury amenities.

Tranquility and peace
The penthouses are normally located on the building top, keeping them away from the city hassle and traffic, making it more peaceful. Living in Pakistan’s urban areas is one of the biggest benefits. Lahore and Karachi are known for the challenging traffic, voice pollution, and smog. Accommodation such as Autograph’s Sky Mansion gives an easy solution to all these problems. Autograph is located in the heart of Lahore, the city of gardens. It promises a remarkably peaceful, relaxed, and comfortable life.

Private living
When you live in the penthouse, you have fewer neighbors. This does not mean that life in the penthouse is isolated. The luxury high-rise buildings normally have facilities where the residents can socialize and interact with each other. Penthouses at Autograph by H&S are equipped with 7-star groundbreaking amenities, redefining luxury, aesthetics, and comfort. At Autograph’s Sky Mansion, absolute souls, peace, and harmony. The unique amenities ensure a comfortable life. Normally the penthouse residents enjoy more services than the other residents, adding to the experience and value.

Premium location
The penthouses are normally constructed in sky-rise buildings in a central location with high connectivity and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Some regard this as a disadvantage as normally such areas have traffic and pollution issues.
Autograph by H&S is situated in a prime location. It is within walking distance from the Dolmen Mall, an 8-minute drive from the Allama Iqbal International Airport, and a 3-minute drive from Dolmen mall city and Penta square (DHA).

Penthouses are aesthetically designed
Penthouses target people who prefer elegance, luxury, and comfort. Therefore, penthouses have a captivating design, majestic architecture, and superior functionality. Autograph’s Sky Mansion is the personification of that, fully equipt to quench your desire for elegance and perfection. This is what we call a posh and luxurious life.

Penthouses have an iconic value
Living in the penthouse is fast becoming a status symbol. It is considered a symbol of wealth and riches. It’s not only the apartment type; penthouses are more big and specious, complimenting the impression associated with him.

Continuous increase in penthouse demand
Investing in the penthouse is somewhat secure as its demand is continuously increasing but is available in small numbers. As long as the demands exceed the supply, there is a need to worry about depreciating value.

Disadvantages of penthouses

Penthouses are characterized by wide open spaces, emphasizing glamour, grandeur, and magnificence. Penthouses usually have bigger windows for an ample inflow of natural light, which can be a disadvantage in extreme weather.

No shielding from extreme weather
The penthouses are located on the rooftop and are more vulnerable to extreme weather, such as the bone-chilling winter winds or scorching summer heat.

An expensive lifestyle
Living in the penthouse is more expensive. The residents have to pay extra for the promised luxury. It is a personal decision to either opt for that or not. Therefore it is up to the resident to consider it an advantage or disadvantage.
H&S, a customer-focused business, came up with a concept of affordable luxury. Multi-award-winning business is known for showcasing groundbreaking projects which have something for everyone. Authorgraph is no exception to it and promises the best sqft price. The price starts from 1crore 46 Lak. In addition, you can take advantage of the 3.5 years of easy installment plans.

In the nutshell
We are convinced that Autograph’s Sky Mansion qualifies to be your forever home. Doubt our claims; experience it yourself. Call or text for more details.