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Duplex apartments in Lahore: All you need to know

Duple Apartments In Lahore

Duplex apartments are two different housing units built together either side by side or on top, with shared walls and similar flooring designs. The units have separate access and are not connected from the inside. It either has a common wall or floor. Moreover, the outdoor space is shared by both residents. Being the thing of today and highly demanded, the Duplex apartments come in different sizes. Living in such a setting can be convenient and economical.

On the other hand, for some, it can be frustrating. When deciding to buy a duplex apartment the cu, the customers have different concerns like whether it is worth investing in the luxury apartment? Is it the right choice? Does the luxury lifestyle promise the value of the money spent?

H&S, the multi-award-winning real estate giant from the UAE, is showcasing Autograph in Lahore. The iconic sky-rise building promises an unprecedented smart lifestyle. Located in the heart of the city of gardens, Lahore, Autograph personifies excellence, comfort, and luxury. The Autograph offers the most luxurious duplex apartments in the city. With the Autograph’s lavish lifestyle, you won’t be missing anything, but we want you to make a well-researched and analysed decision in our favour. Therefore, the articles will elaborate on the concepts, pros, and corns of Duplex apartments in Lahore so that you can make a well-analyzed, comprehended, and correct decision.

Differences between Duplex apartments and joint units
Duplex apartments have the potential to yield healthy rental yields and value growth as there are two separate apartments in one set. The Duplex apartments are different from the joint units. A duplex apartment is one property divided into two parts, whereas the common units are two separate properties.

The difference between Duplex and flat
Though considered the same, the Duplex apartments and flats are considerably different.

Duplex apartments are bigger than flats. An average duplex apartment is approximately 000 sq ft compared to the average flat size is 941 sqft. Autograph Duplex Signature Suites is aabout2846.4 sq ft with two floors. You can enjoy the freedom and customise the space according to your aesthetic preference.

Design and structure
The Duplex apartments consist of two separate units inside the same building, with separate stairs or elevators. On the other hand, flats are single units, which can come in different layouts and designs. Autograph Duplex Signature Suites’ captivating design and majestic interior make it homey and comfortable. Broadly the Autograph’s duplex apartment includes the following:

  • Attached Bath
  • Balcony
  • Lounge
  • Maid Room
  • Modern Kitchen
  • Powder Room

Cost difference
Location is one of the most critical aspects of determining the property’s cost and value. Duplex apartments are no exception to it. The duplex price and rent are comparatively higher than flats and cover more area. The Autograph Duplex Signature Suites guarantee the best sqft price in Lahore.

While living in the flat, you can have multiple neighbours but only one neighbour in a duplex apartment.

Duplex apartments are offered in the luxury communities and are located in the suburbs. The flats are mostly found in the city centre. Autograph by H&S is situated in a prime location. It is within walking distance from the Dolmen Mall, an 8-minute drive from the Allama Iqbal International Airport, and a 3-minute drive from Dolmen mall city and Penta square (DHA).

As the Duplex apartments are offered in the luxury lifestyle buildings, they are accompanied by state-of-the-art amenities. For a more luxurious experience, you should opt for Duplex apartments. The 7-start amenities make the autograph Duplex Signature Suites’ life extraordinary—ideal for residents who seek more than comfort, luxury and safety.

Shared Spaces
In Duplex apartments, the residents have to share space with one neighbour. While in the flats, you live in different residential units with common shared areas.

Advantages of Duplex apartment in Lahore

The duplex apartment has a designated separate area. The residents can enjoy spacious residential units. They have more freedom to customise the place according to their unique styles. The duplex apartments are generally bigger than flats with more space, making them easy to decorate. Ideally, the duplex apartments come with front or back laws which adds to their value and comfort. Autograph Duplex Signature Suites are aesthetically designed, focusing on little details, making them equally attractive for homeowners and investors.

The residents of the duplex apartment enjoy more privacy. As there is only one neighbour, the chances of the resident’s privacy being violated are less. Not only that, Autograph promises foolproof safety and unparalleled control.

House like comfort
Duplex apartment offers home living comfort. Ground-breaking projects like Autograph take it to the next level. With resort-style living, you can live a hassle-free life with experts taking care of property management and lifestyle issues.

Disadvantages of living in a Duplex apartment in Lahore

Duplex apartments are difficult to find compared to flats. Duplex apartments are commonly located in city suburbs, and mostly the residents have to give up the provisions of the urban lifestyle.
Contrary to the common phenomenon, Autograph by H&S is located in the heart of the city, with state-of-the-art infrastructure, lifestyle, connectivity, and accessibility.

Maintenance of Duplex apartment
The duplex apartments are normally managed by owners, which is nothing less than a challenge in the contemporary lifestyle. Autograph by H&S has taken care of that as well. Our skilled professionals will take care of Maintenance and related issues. Autograph promises a comfortable, cozy, and luxuriant like never experienced before.

The duplex apartments are mostly expensive. H&S tabled an inspiring concept of affordable luxury. Autographs have something for everyone. The Autograph promises the best sqft price. The price starts from 1crore 46 Lak. In addition, you can take advantage of the 3.5 years of easy instalment plans.

In the nutshell
We are confident that Autograph duplex apartments qualify to be your forever home. Doubt our claims; experience it yourself. Call or text for more details.

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