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5 Bed Sky Mansions

5 Bed Sky Mansions

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Sky mansion is a 5BHK opulent sky villa that spends over 5928.32 square feet of luxury space of three stories, with modern and high-end facilities. A premium luxury lifestyle is complemented by its cutting-edge architecture and interior décor.
Furthermore, the most unique feature of these elegant sky mansions is their smart automation facilities that are going to bring about more color, taste, and elegance to your lifestyle.

All provided amenities and facilities will create and call forth a king-like lifestyle for you in Lahore.

The captivating interior is nicely finished for an upgraded lifestyle. The enormous original wood front doors, the soaring staircase, and the private elevator in the foyer linking each story are some of the attractions of the 5-Bed Sky Mansions.
It includes a separate terrace with opulent furnishings and five bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

The data that a smart building automation system gathers may be used to save expenses. Altering the shades to let in more natural light, for instance, can contribute to reducing the usage of electric lighting. Such lighting control has been shown to significantly reduce electricity consumption
You can automate temperature, shade, and lighting adjustments based on the time of day and occupancy by connecting equipment such as HVAC, gesture lighting control, and shade systems.

HVAC systems in the building will make the necessary adjustments to the temperature, humidity, and airflow.
Or, if the occupancy of a place exceeds density standards, the lighting hue might change to warn that there are too many people in a conference room, work area, or at Autograph.
Building information can help with automatic scheduling, including reservations for conference rooms, parking spaces, and workspaces.


You have multiple options for investment at Autograph. The following are the available options:
• Fully furnished Sky Mansion
• Unfurnished Sky Mansion



Barbeque Area
Dedicated elevators
Home Theatre
Private Balcony
Private Steam
Private Swimming Pool
State-of-the-art kitchen
Three stories

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