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Furnished Apartment: All you need to know


Autograph by H&S opened a new horizon for the real estate market in Lahore. The state-of-the-art smart resort lifestyle, unparalleled amenities, captivating interior, and iconic outlook make the project matchless. It is equally attractive for homeowners and real estate investors. Additionally, the investors and homeowners can add value to their property in multiple ways. A furnished apartment is a novel concept in Pakistan real estate market. This sector of the market holds immense potential but has been considerably ignored. It can help the investors earn a lucid profit on their investment and facilitate the resident’s life, making them hassle-free and comfortable.

What is a furnished apartment?
It makes you feel at home the moment you step in. sure, it needs to be decorated and altered according to your taste, but moving into empty space is much more overwhelming. Furnished apartments can be broadly divided into four types, including:

  • Semi-furnished
  • Furnished
  • Fully furnished
  • Turnkey apartments

What does a Furnished apartment include?
Ideally, the furnished apartment includes the items of necessities. The equipment and furnishing can be categorized into the following:

  • Basic woodwork items: Living room sofa, Dining table set, Coffee table and chairs, Kitchen cabinetry items, and Bedroom furniture,
  • Basic household equipment: Water dispenser, Laundry machine, Dishwasher, etc.
  • Basic fixtures: Bulbs, Fans, Decorative lights, Gate-lamps, Porchlights,
  • Add-ons: Decor stuff, Carpets, wall-hangings, vases, curtains, mirrors, planters, etc.

There are no said rules and regulations regarding this, and the landlord decides how he wants to offer the furnished apartment. It always suggested discussing the item included in the furnished apartment before an agreement. If you are a landlord, always be creative with a furnished apartment, as small creativity can boost your return on your investment.

Pros of furnished apartments

Do furnished apartments take the hassle out of your life?
Yes, renting a furnished apartment makes your life hassle-free. Getting the best-fit furniture for your apartment is a challenge and nothing less than a crazy advantage, especially when renting a place for a short time. A furnished apartment saves you money, time, and stress. You have to adjust with the sense and style of the owner, but it saves you from hassle.

Are furnished apartments cost-efficient?
If you prefer to rent an apartment, it is impossible to get furniture that can fit different properties with different dimensions. Therefore, furnished apartments are light on the pocket at the end of the day. Buying good quality furniture can cost you arms and legs at present. Therefore, when it comes to rental properties, furnished apartments make them hassle-free and cost-effective.

Ideal for short-term tenants
the furnished apartments are ideal for people seeking temporary residence. If you plan to stay on the property for a short time, you will not have time to search and buy furniture and appliances. Moreover, when your stay is over, handling or disposal of the bought stuff becomes complicated. Buying furniture means you’re committed to taking that furniture along wherever you go. Therefore, furnished apartments are always ideal for short-term renting.

Is it worth buying a furnished apartment?
Yes, if the furnished apartment is a project, such as Autograph by H&S. You can get the best minds at work at no additional cost. H&S has gathered the best team to ensure mesmerizing interior, superior design, and matchless comfort. You can depend on their aesthetics, craftsmanship, and sense of symmetry for your forever home.

Freedom and flexibility
With furnished apartments, the level of commitment is next to none. It offers freedom and flexibility.

Cons of furnished apartments

Furnished apartments have fewer choices
The limited choice is perhaps the biggest drawback of a furnished apartment. You are left with limited choices. You are dependent on the landlord’s preferences and choices, which can make the stay uncomfortable. The resident has no control over the aesthetics, which can directly impact your comfort level.

Furnished apartments are costlier
Furnished apartments are more expensive, with additional responsibility to care for the furniture. Any damage is also charged to the tenet, which is an additional headache. Additionally, more useless or damaged stuff is in a furnished apartment than in an unfurnished one.

The furnished apartment’s security deposit or rent might be higher
As the landlord is providing you with the furniture and fixture, they may increase the rent price. Furthermore, they can ask for a high deposit as they will be trusting you with more stuff that can get damaged.

In the nutshell
The novel concept of furnished apartments in Pakistan is fast gaining attention as it removes the additional burden from your shoulders. Furnished apartments are ideal for tenants who prefer short-term renting or are skeptical about investing time and money in buying furniture. On the other hand, it limits choices and makes them more expensive. It is a personal choice based on your lifestyle and financial preference.


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